Meat, Fish and seafood trading worldwide
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Boyd International Limited
is a specialist food trader dedicated to the global food industry supplying processors, coldstores and wholesalers.

Our focus is simple: delivering consistently high quality products to food manufacturers and importers around the world.

Our priority is equally straightforward: to be your first choice supplier of every product we trade by providing exceptional value and
reliable service.

And our promise is consistent: to supply ethically sourced products from environmentally sustainable resources at highly
competitive prices.

Global procurement with local knowledge

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Products bought and sold include:

Poultry and meat by-products; fish fillets; frozen vegetables and fruits; fish and mince blocks; turkey and chicken necks; I.Q.F fish; cod blocks; turkey and chicken wings – 3 joint; 2 joint; tip and prime joints; Baader chicken; Baader turkey; chicken MDM; turkey MRM; deboned beef; lamb and pork. Poultry Offals such as gizzards, hearts, lungs, livers, spent hen, manufacturing meat; bacon and gammon; sausage meat; lean trim; whitefish; ground fish, dimersal, pelagic and flat fish; smoked salmon and salmon pellicle; 10kg and 15kg layer packed cartons of cod and haddock fillets; turkey tail; turkey skin; chicken skin; duck webs; 3mm ground Baader meat; mechanically separated meat; salmon trim; pet food raw materials; mackerel and herring fillets and flaps; frozen meat for Hong Kong and China; poultry products used by processors in Africa; Far East, Middle East; Europe; Latin America; North America and Asia; Russian food importer; meat export to Russia; chicken paws and processed food for Asia markets; pork shoulders; bellies; trimmings; heads; trotters; feet; ears; collars and bones; beef bones; lamb trim; animal fats and oils; tallow; chicken backs and carcasses for manufacture of MDM, MRM, MSM and any types of mechanically recovered meat.

Poultry wings, tips, skin, paws and feet, and chicken backs.
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Do you have a factory?
Our sister company, Boyd Food Machinery is experienced in supplying quality used and reconditioned food processing machinery to businesses around the world.

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